Step Parent Adoption Without Bio Father Consent

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It is easier to apply and complete a stepparent adoption than other kinds of adoptions in many states. Some steps that you must follow through the process can be waived or even streamlined. Some cases show that the waiting period like a home study, the adoption haring can be dispensed with the stepparent adoption. We think that the process is a little bit difficult when it is about getting the other birth parent to the adoption consent. Adoption without parental consent is still possible, but some challenges are waiting.

The Parental Consent

About stepparent adoptions, the legal parent has to consent to the adoption. If the other denies to consent, it is impossible to allow the option. The solution is only one; if the other who denies is parent with terminated right. It means if the parent who disagree to consent to the adoption but he was failure to support and then abandon the child, his right will be terminated. The adoption is still possible to happen.

It is no easy to get the consent of the other parent since considering about the adoption means that he is giving up all his parental rights. Once he agreed, there is no chance and right to visit the child, take any decisions about the future of the child and others. Of course, some parents have willing to stepparent adaptations and they agree because it is the interest of the child or because they are no longer responsible to support the child because their rights as parents have been terminated.

Emotional side

The story will be different and complicated if the non-custodial biological parent is still having contact with the child and still alive. When it is all about the emotional side, having adoption should be considered carefully.

The prior should be the impact of adoption to the child. Adoption must bring stability to the new family and the child should be more secure. Even if the child has good relation with the stepparent, it is still difficult for some child when it comes to their loyalties between their real parent and the stepparent. It is not easy to handle that part. In short, adoption will be easier if the child has less contact with the parent.

What if the stepparent adoption done without consent?

Stepchild adoption without consent is something out of expectation. It can be because the parent rejects to give the consent; perhaps the parent is out of the picture or unknown and cannot be found. The stepparent adoption in this situation can be solved in some ways, such as providing the proof that the absent parent neglected the child.

It is still possible to do stepchild adoption when there is no consent from the parent that is by proving about the absent parent who fails to protect the child, and he has gone with no contact to the child. Most states accept the termination of parental right if the parent failed to support the child and abandoned the child in certain period. Providing the proof about the failed parent is also allowed to continue the process of step parent adoption when biological father is unknown.

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