Military School For Troubled Boys: Is It The Best Option?

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Some people said that when you son is reaching his teenage time, they will start to rebel on everything. That rebellious nature will have impacts on their future, such as school life, social life, and family life.

When your boys are starting to rebel on you and get more trouble, you might be ready to bring your steps by providing with some serious assistance. Many people said that military school for troubled boys are the solution for the teenage boys or your son that started to rebel on you.

Unfortunately, the military school is not really the best option for the troubled boys. Sometimes, to solve the problem of your rebellious boys, you have to search for its roots problem, because not all military school for a teenager is accepted those who have records of the problem.

Why? Because Military School is a school that prepares teenage on their future military career later on. Even though there are many adolescent military schools out there, but only a few of that military school for troubled boys that have programs to straight them out.

There are lots of information’s related to the assistance for teens’ industry, from therapeutic boarding school to military school. But, it is essential for you to snap on the myth and wrong information that a military school is a place for troubled young boys.

When parents believed that military school has strict rules and staff and that reason become the main reason to put troubled boys into military school, then those beliefs have to be snapped.

Military school is not created to assist young boys who have trouble because a military school has no programs that could help the troubled boys emotionally, mentally and behaviorally. Short of saying, it is not recommended for parents to put their troubled boys into military school

There are many kinds of programs that could help your boys instead sending them to military school for troubled boys to help their emotional and mental struggle, such as:

1. Wilderness Camp

Wilderness camp programs for boys to get them know with the new life of professional help and change their troubled self into more calmed self. Usually, wilderness camp is conducted for about 2 up to 3 months.

The wilderness camp is excellent as a transition plan for changing your life where there are no permanent solutions is found to solve your troubled boys besides sending your boys to military school for troubled boys.

2. Residential Treatment Center

The residential treatment center is a high facility that requires its user to stay and focus on the treatment for 6 to 9 months. Residential Treatment Center is more focus on treating using medical recovery focus, which deals more with boys who have serious substance abuse, mental health disorder and another similar issue which need to be treated on a high level.

Some of the residential treatment centers might be focuses on academic parts in implementing their programs, but not all of the residential treatment centers are conducting the academic programs.

3. Therapeutic Boarding School

Therapeutic boarding school is a school that becomes the ideal alternative to putting the troubled boys rather than sending them to military school for troubled boys. Therapeutic boarding schools not only provide high security and safety like the other programs but also serve as the highly successful school.

It has several regular classes, some specialty classes, and the after-school or extracurricular activities. The therapy in Therapeutic Boarding School is conducted in group and individually several times a week.

Now to answer the question, is it the best option to send your kids to military school for troubled boys? The answer is No. There are many options for your troubled son rather than sending him to military school since military school is not for troubled kids but for preparing the kids for a future military career.

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