Can A Mother Signing Over Parental Rights?

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It is something possible to a mom who wants to give up her custodial rights. If she wants to give up her parental rights, the big requirement is there should be someone to replace her duty such as step parent adoption or others. She is also still responsible to support her baby because the obligation of parents is to support the child.

About Giving Up The Parental Rights

When you considered about terminating parental rights and child support, it can be said that you have no obligation to be responsible for the child financially, but some suggest that it is better to keep supporting the child even if your right have been terminated.

Terminating parental rights are also not so simple to do. It is not a simple request that all courts will grant. It is because to avoid any financial obligations for the parents. Court will make any finding so that the termination is the best interest for the child.

When Mom Giving Up

There are two types of custody that most state legislature offer, legal and physical. For physical custody, it means mom lets the children to live with their father for most of the time. But, legal custody means that mom has no right about major decisions in their lives.

For mom who considers giving up on legal custody has no right and involvement about the schools for the children. She also has no way to protest about the parenting decisions chosen by the father. When the children sick when they are with her, the mom has no right to access the medical report. Even she has no right at all to attend teacher and parent conferences.

Child Support

If your question is Does Signing Over Parental Rights Stop Child Support, it is important to note that signing over parental rights and giving up on it also means that you have to apply and follow the process.

It cannot be legalized without a court order. For a mom who wants to give up her parental rights without any court ordered, it means that she still has to pay for the child support.

Besides, the obligation to child support can be replaced only when there is an adoption. The question about the children support that should be paid or not, it can be based on the regulation of the country.

For example, in Alabama, mothers who give up with all parental rights has no responsibility over the child and she has no right at all to see the child in her life. She will also not be required to pay the support for the child.

The case is different to Washington’s regulation. When it is all about giving up parental rights, it is about something that will not remove the parents’ duties. Both parents have to continue the legal duty of supporting the child financially.


It is important to speak with an attorney if physical custody is the final option so the attorney can help achieving joint legal custody. It is the solution if she wants to have some say about their lives.

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