What Happens When The Non Custodial Parent Moves Away

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If you are not the primary caregiver of a child, it means that you are a noncustodial parent. People with the status as non custodial parent will not have sole custody or even control their care to the children, even if they are still allowed by legal law to pay financial support.

How if non custodial parent moves without notice? Of course, it will lead to some issues for both the child and the parents.

Less Parental Figure

When a male or female parental figure is low, it will lead to some challenges within the household. Some school celebrates Mother’s Day luncheon as well as Daddy-and-daughter dance that will make child only hurt and uncomfortable because they have to go with gender-specific parent who is missing from their house.

Physical and Emotional Distance

Relation barrier is the next thing that will happen when noncustodial parents moves out. For parents and children who are only able to see each other two or few times in a year can lead to disconnected relationship.

It is strongly recommended for both parents to obey the laws and the agreements they set up at original custody hearing.

Time management

It can be difficult for the children to live in two different places. They have to visit noncustodial parent about once or twice per year. It is important to them to uproot from their primary friends, family and home that will lead to loneliness and loss.

It will also make the relationship between noncustodial parent and the child getting worst because child can be angry with bad behavior.

Hard to arrange

If non custodial parent moves out of the state, the children may face something like being dragged to child-custody war. A statute to set the standards of the court system on the custody determination in a particular state which the child resides called Uniform Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA). It is also the statute to protect children who have been taken away by the custodial parent illegally.

Financial Support Issue

When non custodial parent moves without notice, it will place big financial strain especially on the primary caregiver of the children. Although the caregiver may accept child support as it is ordered by the court, it is impossible to use the money to cover the travel expenses so the child can be picked from the noncustodial parent’s new house that is out of state.

To find the solution about who should pay the travel expenses can be by having a meeting with the friend of the court referee. It is also better to discuss about the shared solution for the expenses. It is called as the parental time offset.

For non custodial parent moves without notice, the impact above is more than just physical issue for the child itself, but can also be a big issue mentally because there is no close communication to build. It is suggested to non custodial parent to talk with the child before leaving out of any states so they can accept easily about the leaving.


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