The Best Disrespectful Teenagers Punishment To Be Applied

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This article was born out of a concern to see so many parents, teachers, and other adults who choose to use physical force to inflict Disrespectful Teenagers Punishment. Effective in providing a deterrent effect is one of the few reasons that are used to implement this method.

the use of violence seemed to be a favorite shortcut to provide lessons for teenager disrespectful behavior. Slapping, hitting, tweak, pinch, said loudly in a threatening tone, and a variety of other ways often a choice by the majority of parents to discipline their children when they have done something wrong.

This kind of punishment is often done with the assumption and belief that it is an effective way to educate the baby.


How to Punish a Teenager Who Doesn’t Care

However sad, ways are also quite a lot applied by teachers and other educators in a number of educational institutions in which they work.

as parents, they also assume that physical punishment is the most effective way to educate their students into the discipline of children. It has a lot of scientists in his research found that physical punishment to children is something that is counterproductive.

I’m sure the teachers actually know this, or at minimum have read and know that giving physical punishment on children have higher consequences for disrespectful child in the mental development of the child.

1. Assign collective punishment. Limits and types of penalties should be established with the children. Invite them to participate in determining the limits of their behavior and what punishment they would receive if they violate the agreement. in this way the child is expected to have a sense of responsibility for the agreements made.

2. Do not put off the punishment. Give them a penalty when children make mistakes, if possible do it immediately, and do not be put off until the next day. Delay penalty will make the child feel depressed because of waiting for what punishment will he receive later.

3. Given the appropriate punishment. Do not give excessive punishment to children. if there is an agreement, give penalties in accordance with the agreements that have been made by children. Excessive punishment will only make children become increasingly depressed and potentially hurt their feelings.

4. Note the deadline for awarding the penalty. The next important thing in giving punishment to children are too long do not give punishment to children. if the penalties were going to take quite a long time, then make sure the punishment is punishment to educate.

5. Show the natural result. One method of punishment is to let the child feel the result of a mistake. for example if the child does not want to eat, then let him to feel hungry as a result of such behavior. this way is expected to make a child naturally understand the consequences of his actions.

6. The reward for his achievements. give the child a gift or compliment minimal if the child has behaved or is able to achieve a particular feat. not just the fault should be given the consequences, if the child’s success should be appreciated that the children feel that teachers or parents really loved him


Well, that’s all some tips to be applied when you want to give Disrespectful Teenagers Punishment. Please from now on try those tips when you want to give your own child punishment be careful with their personality.


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