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Endometriosis disease often strikes women of childbearing age (menstruation, since the beginning of menstruation to menopause). Approximately 1 in 10 women of reproductive age have endometriosis. But endometriosis can occur also in adolescents (ages beginning of menstruation) and post-menopausal women who receive hormonal therapy. Endometriosis In Teenager improved while during pregnancy and improved permanently at menopause, unless there is the use of the hormone estrogen.

Endometriosis teenager symptoms

Symptoms of Endometriosis In Teenager in the gastrointestinal tract can be: abdominal and back pain, bleeding from the anus which follows the menstrual cycle, and difficult bowel movements. When there is endometriosis of the urinary tract, possible symptoms of pain during urination and urine containing blood. Endometriosis in the lungs may cause symptoms of menstrual blood cough and respiratory disorders. A palpable mass in the body and follow menstrual pain can also be a symptom of endometriosis. When sites are found in the urinary tract, it can lead to blockages and decrease kidney function. When sites are found in the lungs, it can cause blood in the lung cavity (hematothorax). While endometriosis is in the brain can cause neurological disorders (neurological).

What Are The Causes of Endometriosis?

Although endometriosis has been known for years, but have not known with certainty the cause of this disease. Several theories that try to explain the emergence of developing endometriosis, among others:

  1. Theory of implantation, ie the cells of the uterus / endometrium implanted (implantation) due to menstrual flow in the opposite direction. This theory also explains that the lymphatic flow can also deploy cervical cells throughout the body.
  2. The theory of metaplasia, ie the change of various cells with potential cervical cells. But this theory is not supported by clinical or experimental evidence.
  3. Theory of induction, in which biochemical processes in the body stimulates the stem cells into a tissue of the uterus.

What Age Does Endometriosis Start?

In endometriosis there is also a change in the immune system, in which the body’s immune system is not able to eliminate cervical cells that are in the wrong location. Another factor which allows for the occurrence of endometriosis is genetic. Someone has a 7 times greater likelihood of developing endometriosis than normal people, when there is a first degree relative who has endometriosis. First degree relative in question is a mother, aunt, or sibling. Another factor for the case of endometriosis include: a short period of the menstrual cycle, menstrual lot, a long duration of menstruation, never given birth, history of pelvic infection, uterine malformations.

The Treatment For This Endometriosis

Up to now there is no treatment that can eliminate and cure the entire adolescent endometriosis. Current medicines intended to relieve the symptoms and reduce the occurrence of complications. To relieve the pain symptoms can be used analgesic drugs class of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory / NSAIDs), such as mefenamic acid. Some things you can do at home when the pain is still felt, ie the shower with warm water, or warm compresses on the area of ​​pain to relax the muscles. In addition, regular exercise can help relieve symptoms of Endometriosis In Teenager.

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