3 Satisfying Bible Reading Plan For Teens

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Reading a bible is really essential for the Christianity. However, some people who have not really much put an effort in reading the bible with have difficulties in reading the bible, especially teens.

Some experts or people even made some bible reading plan for teens who have difficulties in reading a bible. In this article, there will be a review or suggestion of the best way to read the bible for the first time for teens.

If teens know how to read the bible, they will receive some blessing from the God and lighten the way to go to heaven. Here will be presented the overview list of beginner bible study lesson, ranging from two weeks commitment into full year long commitment. Check it out!

60-day overview

These tips come from a person named Zondervan. This plan is quite effective because it is not only giving you what you have to read, but also the topic of what you have to read.

For example, the first day you have to read the passage Genesis 1: 1-225 about in the beginning, then day two read Genesis 3: 1-24 about Sin enters the picture, then Genesis 6: 1- 8:22 about Water, water everywhere

a. Every book in 61 days.

This bible reading plan for teens allows the teens to read each day through the key passage in the book of the bible, starting from Genesis until Revelation in 2 months or 61 days.

An example can be taken, such as at the day one, you read Genesis 1,2,3,12, 15, and 22. Day two you read Exodus 1-5, day three you rad exodus 12-14 and 20, day four you read Leviticus 1, 10, 16, and 25. That keep on and on until the revelation or the end.

b. Major Events and People in 61 days

This bible reading plan for beginners allows you to read only the part of major people and major events in the bible in order, from the day of creation and end with the prophet about revelation.

For example, day one you read genesis chapter 1-3 about creation, day 2 read genesis chapter 12, 15, and 22 about the Abraham and Isaac, day three read chapter 1-3 and 18-42 about the story of Job. Keep on and on until the prophet revelation.

90 Days Overview

Another tip from Zondervan. This bible reading plan for teens provides more in-depth version than the 60 days overview. 90 days overview allows you to read more detailed since it has more days to be covered. For example, day one you read about how the universe is created in genesis chapter 1 and 2.

Then day two you read about Adam, Eve and the serpent in the genesis chapter 3 and 4. Day three you read about the flood and Noah in the genesis 6 to 9 and 11: 1-18.

121 Days of People in the bible

One of the best way of reading a bible for the first time for teens is reading only the people in the bible. The benefit of this method is that it could make you easier to understand the story of the bible.

By reading the chapters which focus on the person or prophet, it makes you know who is in the bible. For example, day one you read about Adam, which in Genesis 1: 16 to 2: 17. Then, day two you read about Eve in Genesis 2: 18 to 3: 24. Keep on and on with the person as your focus.

That is the several satisfying bible reading plan for teens. Hope that the plan helps you in the future and make you read and spend a little more time with your bible to understand the world. Cheers!

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