Recognizing The Anxiety Attack Symptoms In Teenager

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Looking at the Anxiety Attack Symptoms In Teenager, it is very alarming. What do they mostly highlighted the negative side, where the impact of what they do will harm themselves. So if we want to open the eyes of teenagers are actually restless souls. It’s agitated for changes psychologist who has never experienced before so it was confusing as well.

How to help a teenager with anxiety and depression such as 

1. The problem comes from the Family Environment

The family is the first and most important environment in shaping the spirit and personality of the child. A good family would be very favorable for the formation of the soul and personality, while a state of poor families would be very unfortunate for the formation of the soul and personality of children

2. Wrong promiscuity and lack of parental supervision

Promiscuity teenagers today are more inclined towards negative association, evidenced by the many teenagers who do brawl, using drugs and free sex with her boyfriend. Why teens do these things? Because the social harm they choose, as they make friends with people who use drugs so they also chimed in drug use and lack of supervision of their parents factor.

If they are supervised by their parents, they are unlikely to do so. In addition, the neighborhood association should also be monitored because usually negative influences came from close friends or playmates. Of these cases, the role of parents is very important to establish the mindset they get better and do things that are positive.

Parents also need to give a briefing about negatively impact they would have received if they do these negative things.

3. The situation is not balanced in adolescents

Sebanarnya trip characteristics and adolescent growth and development had not been changed between the last generations with the current generation. Adolescence remains a growth and development phase between childhood and adulthood. In this period must occur very rapid changes in the physical, mental and social.

This period is also a period of adolescent search for identity that is very easily influenced by the environment. Generally, the physical maturation process faster than their psychosocial maturation. Because it is often imbalances that cause teens are very sensitive and prone to stress.

Physical development of adolescents in this age of sexual maturity development also changing very rapidly and should be of particular concern adolescents. This situation is one of the causes or reasons for teens to try to experiment with sexual activity including also try using drugs.

4. Problem buried

Adolescence is often filled with a variety of problems, sometimes teenagers are not open to parents so that the brand feel that they are able to cope with the problem itself. It turns out they can not. Examples of problems in a relationship, when teenage breakup sometimes they do not want to tell this to parents but they did was harbored and ultimately their own depression and eventually run into things that are not as good as drinking, smoking, etc.

Efforts for the teenage anxiety and depression solutions are divided into three attempts, namely:

1. Preventive efforts that help individuals maintain or prevent a problem for him. For example, set up a practice site to channel the creativity of children, establishment of sports clubs, mental and spiritual development, and others.

2. Repressive efforts by awarding the penalty.

3. Curative efforts of helping people solve problems and cope with being on the face or in natural

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