The Nicest Free Games For 5 Yr Old Boy

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Our children were born in a different era with us. In the past when we were children, we are busy do playing ball or hide and seek with friends in a large field; our children are now much closer to gadget that of their peers.

There are many online games that are easily accessible from their gadgets, as parents of course we have to monitor if the games they play are suitable for their age and beneficial for growth and development. It would be better if we could choose games which are appropriate for them. Here are the best 5 free games for 5 yr old boy.

Naturally, the boy would have been different with girls. Girls tend to like something soft, pretty and are associated with womanhood. So do not be surprised if the games are preferred by girls are cooking games, dress up games and game care for babies.

While boys prefer something that is challenging and requires courage, such as racing games, football games, basketball games, and so on.

When we browse the internet, we will find many sites that offer free online games to be played by children. Unfortunately not all the games is suitable to be played by all ages, there are some games that are too harsh and not useful to be played by children with the age range of five years. So our job as parents is to sort out which one are the right games to be played by our children.

The first of free online games for 5 yr old boy is Itsabitza. This game is suitable to play for children which are learning to read. This game will test your child’s reading ability by asking the child to draw something.

Later drawing results of these children will be part of the animation in this game, and then be sure to enable them to draw what you asked nicely

Star Wars The Complete Saga is the second choice. Although containing about fighting, but this game has a good side to develop children’s creativity in building something. The game play is built from Lego character combines six Star Wars movies. In this game there is an interesting feature where children can use Lego blocks to build a new item.

Crayon Physics is one of the best educational games. Children will be asked to think in order to be able to move the ball to a certain place to achieve victory.

The trick is to draw new objects, ranging from sketch ramps, stairs, slides or anything that is a trick to move the ball. The game’s graphics are very nice; resembling a crayon on paper is real.

Boys also need to be taught to love animals. Littlest Pet Shop could be a game that will teach it. Game of building a pet shop contains 16 puzzles and mini-games with the intention of getting a new pet, accessories and play set.

Last game that can be played children is My Sims. This game is The Sims aimed at children, so do not worry about finding things that is inappropriate for children. In this game, children are taught to modify the architecture and how to build relationships with families.

Although there are many free online games for 5 yr old boy on the internet, but it would be better if we as parents can take the time to play with our boys.

However children with ages of five years are much better to have physical activity outside rather than spend time playing online games at home. Too much playing online games can affect children grow into obese children and are less concerned about their environment.


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