The Best Kid Invention Ideas For School Project

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Times have changed. If long time ago children are educated to be employees, or people who work in the office and make money, then as the development of time, the children are now taking shape to be an inventor. So do not be surprised if today there are a lot of school projects that require creativity of children.

As parents who always stay together with children in their studies, we certainly are often consulted by them when setting up the project. So here are a few of fun fun invention ideas school projects that can be done with the children.

Bulb Vase – Are you still installing bulb to illuminate your home? Immediately replace it with energy saving light bulbs which are brighter and friendly to your billing account. Then you can ask your child to change your old bulb into a vase. How to make it is quite easy but the result looks classy.

Wall Art from Toilet Tissue Rolls – If your child has a high artistic talent, invite him to make wall art. The trick is to set up a pair of scissors, glue, hair tongs, metal coloring, and some used toilet paper rolls.

Cut some rolls of toilet paper into oval shape, and then assemble the parts into works of art you want. Voila! The walls of your house now have had beautiful wall art!

Solar Lamp – This idea is perfect for the kid invention ideas for science fair. Lamps made from a plastic water bottle filled with water and it can illuminate the house, garage, or shed without increasing your electric bill.

This lamp is powered 55-60 watts obtained from the blazing solar light. The idea of ​​these lights was first discovered in the Philippines and applied to help the slums there.

Lamp from Milk Cartons – Designer Ed Chew from Malaysia’s share cool ideas on how to make cool decorative lamp. These lights can be an inspiration for science project ideas. The lamp is made out of an old milk carton that you can encounter every day. To be able to make light cardboard, you and your child should drink milk box with a considerable amount.

Bags from Pop Tabs – As the name suggests, this bag is made of pop tabs. Prepare cutting pliers, releasing staples, old keys, and pop tabs. At least you and your child need hundreds to make a bag.

Vas and Candle – With a bowl of canned foods and some former brace for a clothesline, you can ask your child to make a vase for your plants. This vase looks classic and natural. Coupled with a glass and a lighted candle in the middle, you can transform your dining table as the atmosphere in the restaurant is expensive.

Surely there are more invention ideas for kids, not only what we’ve shared here. In fact, maybe you can discuss directly with children to discover the brilliant ideas which are newer. To find something new takes creativity and a high willingness, because the process is expected to educate children to grow up to be people who are not easily discouraged. Hopefully the ideas we deliver can help you to find something more challenging and rewarding. Good luck.

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