The Best Five Confirmation Gifts For Boys

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Selecting confirmation gifts for your son is very unpleasant and confusing. Why? Of course, since looking for a gift that will be enjoyed by the little ones can be fun and exciting for parents. But, sometimes we are confused by the many choices of objects that do not all have the exact value of benefits.

We want to share ideas of confirmation gifts for your son. Birthday gifts are not only interesting, unique than the other, but it certainly will be a memorable gift for baby.

Painting Kit and Peg Doll

Want to give something different? Try this one; painting kit and peg doll set. With two plain wooden puppet measuring 9.5 cm and 10 colors of acrylic paint complete with a single brush, the child will feel happy and challenged to be creative in these dolls coloring. Take the time to be creative with him and make a wooden doll persona liking his appearance. To get a memorable and meaningful gift is, you do not have to spend much money anyway.

Painting Children’s Lightning McQueen shoes

Not just girls who can look cool with the style of Hello Kitty painted shoes, boys can also show off with the painted shoes.

The manifold painted shoes slip on with adhesive Velcro so it is suitable for a boy who likes to appear practical day-to-day. It is very comfortable on the feet and fastness. The whole workmanship of painted shoes has been given a protective coating so durable. Remember not to scrub too hard when cleaning, so that the shoes can still be used even longer.

Wood Block

If your son is still toddler, wood block may be the best gift choice. With a variety of colors and variety of shapes that can be arranged to resemble a variety of forms according his wishes, the small block of wood will be his favorite toy. Blocks of wood can also stimulate the development of the brain and stimulate his creativity. Moreover, the child must have been avid-fan that holds something. Then there will be nothing to distract him from this wood block.

Notebook with Football Cover

Providing notebook has its own moral values ​​and the message is quite important. With the growing world of gadgets, let’s the child be sure to practice writing and develop a good routine record.

With a book with men theme, like soccer or a superhero, do not need to be expensive to encourage children to start the activity journal or diary. Interesting cover can certainly inspire the spirit of our boys to start writing.


It’s never too early to educate children about the importance of good financial management. One that allowed you to do is give him money storage.

Among the many choices, purses made from synthetic canvas and synthetic leather with a mixture of blue and black measuring 11 × 9.5 cm could be the best option. If the child starts grade of primary school, then this wallet can be used as a suitable gift as a wallet first. The price is affordable, easy to maintain and lightweight as well.

The whole idea of confirmation gifts for your son who presented above of course been based on the value of the benefit is not limited to products themselves. Many lessons and moral message can be inserted in every gift items or gifts to our children. So choose your best prize!


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