Military Preparation Boot Camp For Kids Under 10 Years Old

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A military is one of the most honorable jobs in the world. People who dream and want to be one of the militaries have to prepare themselves since the early of time. The training programs at the Boot Camp for kids under 10 years old are existed to teach about the value and physical endurance in preparation for a military career.

USAToday stated that there are several benefits from this behavior modification camp, which focus on building their self-discipline and respect from military trained instruction in the boot camp. In this article, there will be a review about the military preparation boot camp for kids under 10 years old. It will help you to understand the function of boot camp. Check it out!

1. The Benefits

The military boot camp’s main advantage is to expose the kids who dream and want to be a military with structure and discipline of a military person. These boot camps for kids under 10 years old are helping the kids to make them focus on their passion, said Gene Bottoms, the director of Southern Regional Education Board’s High School. The kids also get some emphasis of the team working and also personal or solo works in the boot camp.

2. The Considerations

The United States Military Academy stated that kids have to begin to work and exposed early with the world of the military if they wanted to have a military career and serve the country later on. To be exposed to the world of military means kids have to get physical training from the behavior modification camp in the military boot camp. Another aspect that kids have to get is the leadership skills. Another aspect that is important for kids in the boot camps is to make them keep up with academic excellence by mastering English, Mathematics, Science, History and other foreign languages.

3. Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps

The Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, or simply known as JROTC is the curriculum embedded in the school of the military by the Pentagon. Kids who enrolled in JROTC could opt to be one of Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force as their specialization of their career. JROTC in the boot camp for kids under 10 years old train the kids in physical and academical programs. According to the article in USAToday in 2009, the kids in the boot camp are being taught with how to shoot with air rifles.

4. The United States Army Cadet Corps Annual Training

When in the boot camp, the kids have the option to join in basic cadet training through the program namely the United States Army Cadet Corps Annual Training. The basic cadet training, or simply known as BCT, teaches kids with the fundamental of military life by forcing them to conduct some hard physical activities, like an obstacle course, survival in the water, rappelling from a high place, and basic marksmanship training. BCT is known to be the most authentic basic training for cadets who preparing the future career serving the military.


Some parents misconceived that after finishing the boot camp, their kids will have a better career in the military and accepted without a test. Well, the fact is that the boot camp is not actually compulsory to be attended. If you want your kids to have a really military career, then you should consider your kids to take Army ROTC course. It is not the only course that helps your kids to have real life experience by committing in community service but also help your kids to have a scholarship in the military school.


Well, that is the review of Military Preparation Boot Camp for Kids Under 10 Years Old. Do not think twice to enroll your kids in the boot camp if you want to make them own the career in the military word. Cheers and Good Luck!

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