Is It Important ADHD Test For Kids?

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ADHD is a behavioral disorder in motor activity, causing an increase in activity which is not uncommon and tend to be excessive. The motor nerves are part of the nerve in the human brain that regulates mood, attention, and impulse. It is required to have child attention deficit disorder test to determine whether the child is ADHD or not.

Dr. Edward M. Hallowell describes a person suffering from ADHD disorder as people who easily distracted, impulsive, hyperactive. They are someone who is always moving, always wanted to find out, always wanted to hold what they see, often make a fuss, impatient, often seize something that was not hers. Common characteristics are accompanied by the atmosphere unstable, difficult to concentrate and focus, quickly bored, daydreaming and forgetfulness. On the other hand, people with ADHD also have positive characteristics such as: have the compassion of a very large, sharp intuition, creativity and innovation that is good, perseverance and generally people with ADHD is someone who is very pleasant.

One test to determine whether a child with attention deficit disorder is Test Of Variables of Attention (TOVA). TOVA is an assay that can measure objectively attention. In contrast to other tests, TOVA packed like a computer game that is easy to do and you feel like not being tested. TOVA using stimulus geometry-free culture, is not influenced by the language, and can be used by children who have learning difficulties.

TOVA test can be used by children and adults, from ages 4-80 years. Implementation TOVA test lasts 21.6 minutes. However, in children ages 4 and 5 years old, the test execution is shorter at about 10.9 minutes.

The variables measured, among others; consistency, response time, impulsivity, response time after impulsivity, multiple responses, and a score of ADHD. Own test results in the form of graphs and interpretations that will emerge after the test ends. TOVA test can be used to detect ADHD, namely concentration and hyperactivity disorders in children and adults. In addition TOVA test can also measure the effectiveness of the training.

In addition to the child attention deficit disorder (add/adhd) test, pay attention to the daily behavior patterns of your child. There is a tool that can help recognize the symptoms, by following some sort of a quiz about a person’s behavior over the last 6 months. Depending on the value you’ll get from these tests, you may be given the advice to visit a psychologist to get more information about the symptoms that usually affects people with ADHD. Visit the site or to obtain information and instructions that correspond to your needs.

In addition read more books related to ADHD and do many discussions with people who have been diagnosed with ADHD or with parents who have a child with ADHD disorder. Ask them the mechanisms they employ, means regarding treatment, etc. Discuss your concerns with the doctor who usually handles your family’s health problems.

Once your doctor know the child attention deficit disorder symptoms that happen, they will give an assessment to give you some questions to be filled by you, your spouse, and school teachers (if these cases occur in children of school age). Usually there will be some therapy to deal with such matters.

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