Inspiring Words Of Encouragement For Kids

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Child is a blessing and mandate that God entrusted to parents. Parents are always trying devoted affection and give something that’s best for their children. But as parents, give the best to be in accordance with what is needed so that the child does not seem excessive and have a negative impact on children. What is desired by the child should not always be followed when it is not needed. There are times when parents should give an explanation for the child so that they could understand that what they want could not be given. Providing encouraging words for kids can be a way to foster trust himself to what is owned.

Understanding of children is not the same as adults; children tend to still feel curious about something if he does not understand. Parents must be patient to give an explanation and face the behavior of child development.

The child’s behavior is strongly influenced by the actions and words of parents. Whatever the child’s behavior, they need guidance and knowledge of things that are good and things that are prohibited. Therefore, parents should set an example of good things in children although a simple thing. Children easily imitate what people do around him. So when they see people in the neighborhood do good things, then they will tend to imitate a good thing anyway.

Vice versa, if they see people doing bad things, then they will follow the bad things. In addition to examples of actions, parents can also educate children through positive things to say to kids. Positive sentences will be remembered by the child’s memory so that they will follow what is implicit in the words. Some positive phrases that will give children spirit, among others are;

“Life is always full of choices. Pick the good one is important, not because it is good to come alone. By choosing the good, you will get a good”

“Learn every day, from anything and anyone. Learn about the life and be happy soon as possible. “

“As much as anything your efforts, the result is pleasing God. No need to worry and feel defeated if the effort you have reached the maximum limit. God gives you what you need, not what you want. “

“We may hope, but not an empty dream, try to make it real, though it is not perfect.”

“We are created by God with the special features of each, and then stop trying to be someone else.”

Those positive things to say to your child are not ordinary words that have no meaning. If the parents sincerely convey these words at the right time in a child, then the child will always remember and uphold the message from parents. That will make them remember the content of the message has been delivered, and then they will try to find meaning in the message. Then, they will make a choice between following the message or ignore it. Surely, they would think to choose the option that does not take risks.


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