Getting Benefits Of Social Security For Child Of Deceased Parent

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Based on the New Deal program that was created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Social Security is extremely important programs done by government in its history. It is a social insurance program to give pensions for the retired workers around 65 years old or older with no source of income. Now, it was amended in 1993 by extending the benefits to children and spouse of deceased Americans.

How to apply for social security death benefits for a child

The part of government that will provide benefits to children survived their parents is The Old Age and Survivors Insurance and Disability Insurance, which is the division of Social Security Administration. Even up to 1.2 million children get benefits of their parent’s death.

So, how to apply and what is the regulation? Here are all details:

  1. The qualified children are the biological or adopted children even dependent step child is eligible. The child must be unmarried and under 18-year old or up to 19 years old and still in high school. For disabled children (mental, developmental or physical), they can get survivor benefits, but the diagnosed disability should be before the 22nd anniversary.
  2. Parents must have worked for 10 years or more and they paid Social Security tax.
  3. For families who want to obtain the benefit on the child must complete some verification documents. The application needs Social Security numbers for both the parent and the child. You also have to prepare the child’s birth document certificate. You as the guardian must provide the proof of the death of the parent with the government death certificate.

Death benefits for children of deceased parents

Social Security will send deposits monthly payment to the checking accounts. Or, they may provide government debit card. The benefits for the children depend on the earnings and future benefit from the parent. Child has the right about 75% of parent’s basic payment to Social Security. The payment can benefit spouses and children with the use of the member’s account as long as the total benefit for the family is not more than 150 to 180 percent of what the parent would have gotten if he were still working and alive.

Paid Lump Sum

The paid lump sum can be offered as well as monthly payment to the child. The child is orphaned and the payment is about $255 as the death benefit of Social Security. The payment will be made if there is no surviving spouse and if the child is eligible to the survivor benefit requirements.

If there is no qualifying recipient, it means that there will be no payment. You can contact local Social Security office to ask for help.

Taxing benefits

Social security benefits after death of a parent also has taxing benefits that will be paid by Social Security Administration. The legislation allows taxes to be collected if only the adjusted gross income 50% of the benefit paid reached 25,000 dollars. IRS explained that the amount of income tax child will pay on his benefits will be based on the amount of income and the benefits of the taxable year.




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