Fun And Healthy Snacks For Kids At School

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Equipping healthy snacks for toddlers for school is a wise action. Other than meeting nutritional needs, equipping food for kids when school time is a way of avoiding snacks are not necessarily healthy. You can bring the kids a snack or a full meal in small portions. The food nutrient content should be about 300 calories, and 5-7 g of protein.

The widespread use of hazardous chemicals in food snacks, such as dyes, flavoring until preservative is something that we should avoid. That’s why equipping the kids with food for school is the best way. It is also educate children to apply not wasteful and capable to have closer relationship with parents. By preparing snack for their school time, children will feel cared for and embedded values ​​of compassion in it.

Healthy snacks for toddlers to bring to school must be in accordance with the schedule of children’s food and nutrition needs. If children stay in schools for more than 5 hours, it means children should have twice break time. If there are two breaks, we should prepare two types of provisions. At the first break, light meal or snack could be enough. Snack should be made from materials that contain complete nutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Sample menus are mini pizza, pastel content of eggs or meat croquettes.

At the second break, children need enough food filling because usually it’s time for lunch. To be practical, it is suggested to choose a bowl dish, namely one dish but complete and nutritionally dense. Besides practical for preparing it, a bowl dish also meets the nutritional needs for children. Examples of the menu is spaghetti topped with meat or fish and vegetables, fried rice completed with eggs or meat, chicken fried noodles and vegetables or sandwiches containing meat and vegetables. In addition to all of the nutrients are met, loaded food supplies should also be practical and easy to provide.

Food supplies should also be filling. Satiety can be met from elements of carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes, bread, pasta or noodles. Do not forget to equip your kids with fruit and beverage, whether it could be water, milk or juice. It is important so that all the nutritional needs of children are met.

Childhood is the age of growth, such as the digestive organs. The function of the digestive organs have not fully maximized, therefore we should choose soft textured foods that are easily digested. Avoid meat with big chunks, preferably in minced meat or choose chicken or fish with soft texture. Don’t use too sharp seasonings in foods such as vinegar, chili and pepper since they often disrupt the child’s digestive system.

In principle, nutritional needs of children same as the nutritional needs of adults. But keep in mind, growth time needs extra nutrition, especially protein. Protein needs can be met from meat, eggs, fish, milk, beans and their processed products. Carbohydrates and essential fats as source of energy to move. Carbohydrates can be obtained from food such as rice, bread, noodles, pasta, starchy, corn, potatoes. To establish, maintain and improve the child’s immune system, it is necessary to get enough vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are found in many fruits and vegetables.

In order to make your homemade fun healthy snacks for kids at school loved and eaten by them, remember to encourage the child to discuss and determine their lunch menu. By giving them a chance to choose, children will become more responsible with their choice. They will be satisfied because they feel fulfilled and equipped in accordance with their wishes. Don’t forget to vary the foods, so that children will not get bored. Try to do different menu every day. Enrich your knowledge about preparing healthy snacks.

You can buy recipe book or find the popular recipe through google. It is better not provide too many snacks that taste sweet. This type of food is filling so that the child will lose their appetite when the meal time arrives. Children are usually attracted by the appearance of interesting food. That’s why you should keep the snack formed as attractive as possible and give a touch of garnish that can increase child’s appetite.

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