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Kids’ world is playing. Even playing is also helpful to support the growth and development of children, as it can stimulate motor skills and creativity. However, not all the helpful toy for a child, because of that, parents need to be more selective in choosing the right toys for children, the toy can stimulate creativity and motor ability. In response to these issues, there is now a toy which is designed to encourage children’s creativity through activities that educate as well as fun; the monthly subscription boxes for toddlers.

Monthly subscription boxes child is present because of the concerns of some people who see children who prefer playing electronic device or go to the mall than playing with a game that has elements of education along with her friends. Therefore, more and more of those who make and boxes of games designed to stimulate the creativity of children aged four to eight years.

Play can stimulate spontaneous creativity. Play can also teach children to concentrate, interact, and learn to control their emotions. Monthly subscription creativity boxes will make the learning process into something fun. Each box is designed to ensure that activities within it can encourage the creation of borderless and play while learning. With these boxes, the parents will have a new way to play with the kids at home while developing children’s skills, such as problem solving and the motor control.

Some of monthly subscription boxes for kids that you can choose are;

Kiwi Crate

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Kiwi Crate is a monthly subscription box that is much talked about parents in recent years. This creativity Box contains activities that are fun and educational. With themes such as dinosaurs or gardening, this is a good gift boy or girl would be happy to receive. If you want to subscribe to two children, you only need to add $ 9.95 per month, and they will include an extra set of materials so two kids can get in on the action. To subscribe to this box, you have to spend $ 60/3 months including free shipping.

Little Passports

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With the second edition of the World and the United States, your children can follow the adventures of Sam and Sofia each month by subscribing Little Passports. With this box, you will take the children to find out more about the different parts of the world. This box contains activities to do crafts or regional activities. This box subscription fee is $ 11.95 / month plus $ 2 / month for delivery.

Green Kid Crafts

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Crafty young children can explore many ideas through the green box Kid Crafts. This box was created for children ages 3-8. One of the most important things from this box is craft activities that carried by them are environmentally friendly and a couple of boxes of them have a global focus, such as the Worldwide Box and World Music Box. You need $ 59.85 to subscribe for 3 months, including free shipping.

These educational boxes are available for subscription every month, three months and six months. Every month there are fix prices between $ 10-20, whereas if a direct subscription of three and six months, normally we would get a discount of 10 percent per month. Boxes will be delivered with a different theme and each box will contain three activities that attract and guide books that contain stories, games, trivia and other activities.

These products are not usually sold in conventional stores. To get the best monthly subscription boxes for toddlers, parents can register and subscribe on certain sites.


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