Why Do Parents Abuse Their Children

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There are many reasons about why parents abuse their children. It happens in all sides of the world. The reasons why parents abuse their children may different to each other, but whatever the reasons are; abusing is not the best problem solving to deal with the situation.  Here are some reasons about why parents abuse their children.

The ways of abusing children are quite many such as sexual abuse, neglect, emotional abuse, organized sexual abuse, family violence and physical abuse.

Reasons Why Parents Abuse Their Children

       1. The parent’s childhood

Parents who were abused in their childhood are more likely abuse their children. Since they were taught that way, they may think that there is no other way instead of abusing their children. They applied what they got to their children in the name of educating and teaching. It means that when the children got it as their education, it will happen to the next generation. In another word, the cycle of abusing children in a generation will never end.

Scientific research found that parents who were the victim of abuse will be far from being a good model for their children and it is about 50% of chance for the children to face the same fate. Besides, children are easy to imitate the examples of their parents. Therefore, the cycle may hard to break

       2. Unrealistic expectations

All people have their expectations in life, setting their goals to have better fate or anything they do to make their life better than people around them. But, the case will be different if parents have too much expectation, something complex such as unrealistic goals that will set parents to abuse their children easily.

In addition, some parents think that having children, caring for them and living together with them is something fun, easy and no matter at all. But, there are a lot of moments when you just want to sit back and enjoy your time, your baby wants you to play with them, wants your attention and time. The reality is totally about a hard work that in the end, parenting is not for all people, but when you have baby there, you cannot give, leave and back out the duty.  It is not easy for some people to accept and separate what they expected and what the reality looks like. Once the reality is far from what they want and expect, the situation will be bad that will lead to abusing children.

       3. Getting no help

Another reason why parents may abuse their children is because they get no help, like they are living alone and they have to do all the duties without any support. This cycle always happens to all parents. After marriage, pregnancy comes. One loves it and the other is not. One dreams about happy ending fate, but the other wants to get out the situation. They start arguing to keep the child or not.

The condition to defend and keep the baby for one parent can be a big struggle that may not get any support and help from their family, even from their partner. When the situation turns to a duty to raise the children alone, it is very challenging and stressful. It may attack their life mentally and physiologically. Those who cannot find any help or support will be frustrated and the next level is they are easily to feel upset.

Seeking help is the best action you can take if you or someone you know is dealing with abusive situation.


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