The Difference Between Newborn And Infant

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Perhaps you’ve wondered what the actual Difference Between Newborn and Infant may be enough to make you confused. It also became one of the things that need your attention because you can actually see the difference from the developments in these infants.

Difference Between Newborn and Infant

– Newbord

Newborns are the result of a new conception out of the womb of a mother through the normal birth or with the aid of a specific tool until the age about 1 – 3 months

– Infant

Infant are childhood started to walk and was at its most intense in the development, that at the age of 1 to 5 years. This period is an important time to the development of knowledge and intellectual growth. Infant are children aged 0-59 months, this period was marked by the process of growth and development is very rapid.

Toddler is a common term for children aged 1-3 years (toddlers) and preschoolers (3-5 years). When the toddler age, children are still dependent full to parents to perform essential activities such as bathing, defecating and eating. The development of talking and walking had improved. However, other capabilities are still limited.

How long is the Newborn stage

1. Spending stage Babies

At this stage, the midwife or doctor will advise you to push gently or otherwise which they would ask you to refrain from encouraging. When something like that happens, even though you cannot resist the womb, but you can do that is to avoid to hold your breath or holding the abdominal muscles. If the cervix is ​​open wide, but on the other hand there is no feeling or desire to drive, it would be better if you wait until the child is under and spur your desire to drive.

2. Spending stage Placenta

Begins after the baby is born and the placenta will come out by itself. Placental delivery process lasts between 5-30 minutes. Expulsion of the placenta is accompanied by blood expenditures of approximately 100-200 cc.

With the contraction of the uterus, placenta will detach. After that the doctor / midwife will check if the placenta had detached from the uterine wall. Afterwards, the doctor / midwife cleans everything, including giving stitches when episiotomy performed

3. Phase Control

This stage is used to monitor the danger of bleeding. Supervision is carried out approximately two-hour dive. In this stage the mother is still bleeding from the vagina, but not much, which is derived from existing blood vessels in the uterus where the placenta wall, and after a few days you will spend a little fluid blood called derived from tissue remnants.

How long is the newborn period?

Most babies will be born at 40 weeks gestation. If at the age of 41 weeks the baby not pregnant, then the doctor may perform examinations and cervical stimulation to produce hormones that trigger normal delivery. If the baby does not go born at 42 weeks gestation, doctors will offer an induction or caesarean step because the risk of babies dying in the womb has been rising.

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