Problems When Creating Breastfeeding And Formula Feeding Schedule

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As a mother, you will have a dilemma to choose whether you have to feed your baby on demand or making a schedule for you baby to be fed.  Each time you think about the breastfeeding and formula feeding schedule for your baby, you will encounter several possibilities.

Either you are doing the breastfeeding first and formula second, or vice versa, or even doing a combination of feeding milk and formula milk even though it will have less possibility to make the baby and you comfortable.

In this article, there will be a review about the problem when creating breastfeeding and formula feeding schedule for a mother. If you think you are having trouble in deciding the schedule, then you come to the right place. Enjoy!

a. Rigid Schedule

The first thing happens when designing breastfeeding and formula feeding schedule for you baby is that a schedule will make you rigid. So, when thinking about a schedule for baby, you have to think every kind of think that crashed when designing the schedule.

The rigid or not your schedule is depending on every mother personality. If you a planner and on time person, then you will have less problem since you know what to do with your plan.

But, as you know, a baby is unpredictable. You might able to make a plan before having a baby, but when you realize the real baby, you will surprise.

Baby does not eat at the same time every day, does not sleep and wake up at the same time, everything is unpredictable. It really inconsistent and your baby’s activities might be crashed with yours.

As baby grow older, they will become easier to be controlled and predicted. It because the baby has already adapted to the situation around him and capable of controlling his brain and nervous system.

When the baby is already able to be controlled by you, then you finally can start of planning the breastfeeding and formula feeding schedule. But you have to remember that he still a baby, and still can go unpredictable too.

b. Feed on Demand and Feed on Schedule

There are no right answers to choose between feed on demand or breastfeeding and formula feeding schedule. Sometimes, feed on demand is quite better due to baby’s feeling is right now and not waiting on schedule, but feed on demand might crashing you life’s activities due to its unpredictable event.

Moreover, feed on schedule also good because it can make you understand what you have to do with you baby every day without crashing with your work or activities, but sometimes at the time you breastfeed your baby, your baby are not feeling of need to breastfeed and thus scattered you plan.

However, the best way to breastfeed your baby is every 3-4 hours per day. Some people have their belief that breastfeeding the baby every two hours will make the baby healthy and strong. In fact, it is not a really good idea. There is a case where a baby is being fed every 2 hours, but it still not gained weight, because if you feed at a frequent rate, it will make you baby obtain fewer calories’ milk.

To sum up, every baby have different need and you need to be experimented a little bit with your baby, whether feed on demand is better for you and your baby, or having a schedule is better for you and your baby.

As you know the problem when creating breastfeeding and formula feeding schedule, you can choose what best for you and your baby. Cheers and Good Luck!

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