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Expecting Mom and Dad are certainly anxiously awaiting the birth of a baby, especially if the awaited baby is born in the prime. For pregnant women who are for the first time will have a child is usually a little confused what equipment needs to be prepared to welcome the birth of the baby. This guidance of free baby stuff for expecting mothers by mail may be helpful.

Fortunately for pregnant women who still have parents and husband pay attention to the need of the baby, so the wife who is pregnant can receive assistance in completing the needs of his wife and baby. But for pregnant women and expectant fathers who are living overseas and the first time will have a baby, of course, a little confused matters what should be prepared, related equipment needs of the newborn and postpartum mothers’ needs.

We have summarized and prepared some lists of free baby stuff for expecting mothers by mail, including the following:

Maternity Prenatal Supplies

We submit the equipment list is based on the experience of mothers who have experienced childbirth in hospital. Usually, prospective mother or father often took her forgetfulness during childbirth, so ahead of childbirth; the prospective father is still just wandering around looking for his wife’s needs to store. In fact, it should be mandatory during childbirth husband accompanying his wife, so that his wife can help the moral of the people she loved. The fixtures are:

  1. Prepare pads, at least 1 box (content 20).
  2. Prepare a minimum length of 2 pieces of cloth and sarong 2 pieces.
  3. Prepare blankets at least 1 piece.
  4. Prepare a change of clothes loose fasteners have six strands, clothing is meant as a nightgown that is easy to use while breastfeeding.
  5. Prepare a minimum of 6 strands nursing bras, bra which meant there was some sort of ventilation in the area of ​​the nipple, for easy breastfeeding.
  6. Set up in baggy pants and have buttons next to it, so easy to open and tide.
  7. Prepare toiletries, such as towels, soap, toothpaste, and brush your teeth.
  8. Prepare powder and perfumes.
  9. Prepare sandals, plastic dirty clothes and others.

Nine equipment pregnant women at the top should be neatly arranged in the carry-on bag. The equipment is stored in a place that is easily accessible, if at any time pregnant women experience signs of birth, the bag can easily be retrieved. Husband and pregnant women are ready to go to the hospital or to the nearest health facility.

Essential Newborn Supplies Should be Prepared

Supplies for newborns is almost the same as the mother supplies, should be stored neatly in a separate bag. This means that preparation for childbirth, you should prepare two tote bags, one for babies and one for the purposes of the mother. Fill the bags for babies are as follows:

  1. Complete baby clothes, such as shirts and pants at least 1 dozen. At least for a 3-day use in the health service.
  2. Prepare the fabric to warm the baby as much as 1 dozen.
  3. Prepare a minimum of 6 strands of a baby blanket.
  4. Prepare baby bath supplies, such as soap, baby oil, powder, and baby towels.
  5. Prepare gloves and mittens baby’s feet at least 1 dozen.
  6. Prepare eucalyptus oil or oil that can warm the baby.
  7. Prepare fragrances for baby clothes.
  8. Prepare special waterproof fabric for baby’s pee pads.
  9. Prepare baby diaper at least 1 dozen.

The equipment for newborn care in specially prepared ahead on the maternity so Mom and Dad would not panic when in hospital or in the health service.

While the newborn supplies at home, after discharge from the hospital needs a few extras, such as a baby shower, there is a form shaped basin and there is a chair half asleep. Then, it should also set up a baby bed with anti-mosquito curtain and others. However, at least the free baby stuff for expecting mothers by mail above are very important comes ahead of childbirth process.


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