How To Supplement With Formula While Breastfeeding

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It is okay if you want to supplement your breastfed baby’s diet with formula. It is the solution that commonly chosen by some moms when they have to go to work. Some may find difficulties to pump regularly but the key is about keeping on the nursing time.

Mixing formula with breastmilk is also a choice for moms who think that their babies don’t get enough breast milk properly for their growth.

When you consider about doing the same, it is important to note that the breast milk should be given to the baby more than the formula. It is better if you can nurse longer even once or twice per day.

It is true that formula provides the nutrients that baby needs, but it doesn’t have a lot of unique immune as breast milk. Breast milk is the first prior to give best protection from any illness.

Guides of Breastfeeding and Supplementing With Formula

Here are some guides before supplementing your baby with formula while breastfeeding:

       1. Knows the signs that your baby needs supplemental formula

In case that you have any concern on your baby’s weight or eating habits and growth, we suggest you to see and consult to your baby’s doctor. Your baby may need supplemental formula by showing some signs as below:

  • Your breasts don’t feel empty and soft right after nursing. It is because your baby doesn’t take enough milk.
  • Your baby has too much standard weight loss.
  • Your baby has less than six wet diapers per day when your baby is five days old.
  • Fussiness

       2. Knows best time to supplement baby with formula

It is better to wait newborn baby until he is about at least a month old. After that, you can introduce formula to him. It is recommended by lactation consultant to wait this period to keep having routine breastfeeding and to help your milk supply well established. Besides, most babies in this age are not reluctant to have new food source or a bottle of formula.

If your baby is more than a month old, it is okay to give formula at anytime including supplementing with formula at night.

       3. Never mix breast milk and formula at once in the same bottle

It is not recommended to offer your baby by mixing breast milk and formula in the same bottle. It is because if the baby doesn’t finish the bottle, your hard work to earn the breast milk is useless.

The best way to do is feeding your baby with pumped breast milk as the prior. If he still feels hungry, a bottle of formula can be offered.

       4. Knows the effect of giving formula to your baby

There are some effects you will get if you start giving your baby a formula. First, he may refuse the breast. If he is a total eater, he may love having quick delivery system, bottle with formula.

Alternating breastmilk and formula is allowed but it is better to wait your baby about at least a month old. Beware that if your baby’s vomit or stool with spots of blood at the time you are introducing formula, it can be the sign of milk intolerance. Therefore, you have to call the doctor and ask the next action you must do.


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