5 Diseases That Cause Rash On Breast While Breastfeeding

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When you become a mother, you have to breastfeed your baby from 6 months to 2 years. Breastfeeding is a must-action by every mother. The milk from breastfeeding could make the baby healthy and smart.

However, some mothers complain about the discomfort during the breastfeeding. Some say that when they breastfeeding the baby, they feel tickling, hurt after bitten by the baby, or even feel some rash on breast while breastfeeding.

Those kinds of discomfort could affect the mothers’ mood. We might know the cause of tickling and biting by the baby, but the red rash on breast while breastfeeding, what is the cause of it? In this article, there will be several of explanation of the cause of rash on breast while breastfeeding, so check it out!


Irritant Contact Dermatitis

Irritation could result in dermatitis, and dermatitis has been complained and reported by several mothers from several causes, such as water, soaps, detergents and perfume.

When you wash your nipples with those objects and then breastfeed your baby, it will cause rash on breast while breastfeeding your baby and even infecting your baby with chemical from the objects above. The more you exposed yourself with that, the more fragile your skin will be.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis

The cause of this rash is very tricky because the rash towards this disease is delayed. Hypersensitivity toward this disease could cause eczema. The cause of allergic contact dermatitis could be from chamomile, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, aloe vera, and perfume.

To cure or minimizing the rash on breast while breastfeeding from Allergic contact dermatitis is by routinely providing Lanolin to your breast or nipple. However, even though Lanolin could minimize the breastfeeding skin rash, it could also make the baby exposed to chemical since Lanolin is made from several chemicals.

Bacterial Infections of the Breast

Several causes of bacterial infections of the breast that could cause rash on breast while breastfeeding is Impetigo and Cellulitis. It is a disease that causes skin rashes on the breast, but in a lot of case, the rashes are only at one breast.

It requires a treatment from antibiotics. Also, from bacterial infection could cause Abscesses, which in the victim is needed to be incised to drain the wound.

Candidal Infections

Candidal Infections is the hardest cause of rash. It could cause red rash on breast while breastfeeding. This disease is described as the combination of itchy and burn and sting.

This infection usually happens during the contact between your nipple and baby’s mouth, or during the breastfeeding session.

There are tricks to manipulate the disease that could minimize you to get it. So, when the eczema present, it will spare your skin at the most base skin of your nipple, then when your baby started to lick or drink your milk, just keep that eczema with fresh air to kill the bacteria.

Another way is drinking antibiotics, but sometimes it will less effective. The most effective way is seeing the doctors.

Paget’s disease

This disease is considered as a carcinoma, which will infect nipple during post menopause. This disease usually cannot be diagnosed while breastfeeding, but the rash on breast while breastfeeding will still happen.

The treatment would be conducting a surgery or chemotherapy. However, this disease usually happens very rarely in some breastfeeding cases.

Well, that is the explanation of 5 diseases that cause rash on breast while breastfeeding. Hopefully, by reading this article, you will find it useful and be more careful, since young mother and baby are fragile with disease.

You have to keep yourself healthy so no disease infected your baby from breastfeeding. Good Luck!


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