4 Kinds Of Perfect Birthday Gifts For 2 Years Old Daughter

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When you are being given a new baby in your life, you will be happy and also dread to see your baby start to grow up into a toddler. When your child is at the age of 1 years or more, you have to start to give your baby something that can direct and developing your children’s behavior. When they start to reach 2 years old, you will have to think of the birthday gifts for 2 years old daughter of yours. It will be a great dilemma to choose what kinds of the birthday gift for your daughter. In this article, there will be explanations of 4 kinds of perfect birthday gifts for 2 years old daughter. So, what are you waiting for, check it out!

1. Buttoning and Buckling Gift

Your daughter will need the hand strength and coordination to be able to dress every day. Then, you should consider some gift that gives your daughter the activities of buttoning, buckling, zipping, tying and lacing. The birthday gift for 2 years old daughter that has those skills is dressed up dolls. The dolls made by GUND, International Plaything, and Manhattan Toy are recommended since dolls at that place are the dolls that have a removable cloth, buckles, straps and many other things.

2. Walking and Running Gift

As your daughter is able to walk, you will want to push her into able to run. Why? Because at her age, she will do lots of activities that has a connection with a run; chasing a ball, pick it and return it back to you is the kind of activities that need her to walk and run. It will improve their motoric abilities, endurance, balance and strength. So, when you give birthday gifts for 2 years old daughter something that related with running and walking, it will be useful for them. Also, an award winning toys related with running and walking is also effective to build their competitive mental.

3. Reading and Talking Gift

Reading is important for kids at the age of 2 or 3 years. Letting them be exposed to book will impact with their language development, such as building their vocabulary. Board books are the best educational toys for 2 years old daughter of yours since it could help them to be smart while having fun with her toys. If you give your daughter a mix of classic stories and interactive board books, it will make them interested to see the inside of the book, especially if the books have a touch-and-feel page or flaps that can be lifted and lowered.

4. Creating and Expressing Gift

When your daughter tried to be an artist, they will start to have better handling with the marker and crayons. The most popular and appropriate activities for your daughter in this age is finger-painting. Exposing your children to art is really important to create and improve their imagination. You could also take them to some art exhibition or museum trips to expose them more to arts. If you are unable to give you children one trip to museum gift, then you could give them a series of a postcard and laminate them. Postcard contains some beautiful picture that could make your children interested. The more your child is exposed to arts, the more self-esteem your children will build in their life.

Well, that is the 4 kinds of perfect birthday gifts for 2 years old daughter. You could consider to gives your daughter some gifts that able to improve her physically and mentally. Do not give your daughter a gift that has no benefits for her life now or later.  Cheers and Good Luck!

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